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Environmental Cleaning 

We understand the complexities of environmental cleaning and mold remediation before and after problems begin.”

With over 15 years experience, Marathon Services is a premier mold remediation, restoration, and project management company in the Washington Metropolitan Area (DC-VA-MD-WV) servicing residential commercial, and industrial buildings.

Marathon Services has built a reputation on completing jobs on time and without any violations. We understand the difficulties of environmental issues and know how to tackle them before and after they start. Environmental cleaning specifications from owners and architects are becoming more stringent and government fines are stiffening…especially when it deals with mold. There is no room for error.

Marathon Services Include:

Marathon Services also specializes in hazardous materials consulting which includes the initial testing and inspection of buildings for the presence of asbestos, lead and mold-containing construction components as well as other hazardous materials found within structures that may be affected by renovation or demolition activities. In addition to the initial testing, Marathon Services provides the project oversight and air monitoring during the abatement of hazardous materials found during the initial testing phase.