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 Multi Family Properties.


Marathon Building Services has added National RESTOREFAST to our services. The RESTOREFAST program is a national program designed to handle water intrusion damage and lumberyard mold on all of your properties. This includes both identification and remediation of all infected wood materials on your site.



Why Marathon:

Marathon has been in business for 20 years, offering top quality environmental building services. Now, with our RESTOREFAST program, we will be giving you the Marathon Guarantee, a 25 year Long Term Product Protection and Service Warranty and a  2 year Installation Warranty on our Microbial wash.

The RESTOREFAST will be also backed by Marathon Insurance of $20 Million, offering your stakeholders the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their property is certified by the Marathon RESTOREFAST Environmental team.

Each RESTOREFAST projects  includes Certification reports with Photographic documentation by some of the best in the business who will work tirelessly to help you stay on pace for your fast track construction project.

In addition our team will communicate  best Practices for building materials storage, including Storage techniques, Moisture Control, and when it's time to remediate.